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Center in Paris enhances exchanges

Updated: 2024-05-07 08:16 ( China Daily )
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The China Cultural Center in the heart of Paris epitomizes the thriving relationship between China and France, driving a significant wave of cultural exchanges that have engaged audiences and enriched communities worldwide.

Liu Hongge, the center's director, said that France provides the optimal environment for cultural exchanges, and the interactions between Beijing and Paris not only spearhead developments in relations between China and Western countries, but also advance ties with other nations.

"The compatibility, significance and effectiveness of these exchanges are unmatched. These interactions are uniquely distinctive and exceptionally prominent," he said.

Sino-French cultural exchanges have progressed to a new level since 2002, marked by significant and expansive interactions between the two countries. The China-France mutual cultural years from 2003 to 2005 emerged as milestones, followed by France's establishment of cultural centers across China.

The China Cultural Center in Paris, also founded in 2002, has played a vital role in this cultural resurgence. It has been instrumental in coordinating a broad spectrum of activities that showcase the richness and diversity of Chinese culture, continually enhancing the cultural connection between France and China.

Liu said the center organizes about 130 to 140 cultural activities annually, which encompass exhibition openings, diverse performances, salons and daily educational sessions.

Central to the center's mission are the monthly lectures and cultural exchanges that provide in-depth insights into Chinese history, art and society.

"These events act as a bridge between our two cultures, enhancing mutual understanding and friendship," Liu said. "It's about sharing stories and experiences that transcend borders and language barriers."

The center also offers a comprehensive curriculum of Chinese language courses, calligraphy workshops and music lessons, cultivating a deep appreciation for Chinese culture among French people. "Our aim is to create enduring connections and foster a genuine appreciation for Chinese culture," the director said.

Another key highlight in the cultural exchanges between the two countries is the expanding Chinese Film Festival. Originally spanning seven cities, this year's festival will reach 10 cities, broadening the exposure of French audiences to Chinese film culture through screenings.

This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and the center has significantly influenced France's cultural landscape.

A key event of the year was the collaboration with Berck-sur-Mer International Kite Festival, where China was honored as the guest nation, a vital part of the 2024 China-France Cultural Tourism Year.

The integration of Chinese cultural elements into the festival's vibrant atmosphere attracted over 300,000 participants in April, marking a significant milestone in cultural exchanges. "It was a celebration of tradition and innovation, bringing together people from various backgrounds to experience the beauty of Chinese culture," Liu said.


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