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A place where young people can shine

Updated: 2024-02-27 08:03 ( CHINA DAILY )
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Children at Kindergarten Without Walls organize their own Children's Day party in 2021. CHINA DAILY

One man's vision gives migrant children a chance to express and enjoy themselves, Chen Bowen reports in Haikou.

The Kindergarten Without Walls sounds like the ultimate dream for any child — no tuition, no rules, no barriers or enrollment requirements. Located in Binlianxincun, a crowded urban village in Haikou, capital of South China's Hainan province, it has been a companion space for children to learn and play since 2018.

Kindergarten Without Walls is a unique concept that deviates from the traditional model of education. Housed in a small general store, this unconventional "kindergarten" opens its doors for free to mainly migrant children and children in difficulty on Friday evenings and weekends, and offers a range of activities — from singing and dancing to painting, watching movies, reading books, and playing games.

The kindergarten is funded by its founder Tang Haoduo and private donors. The volunteers, including stay-at-home mothers and employees of State-owned enterprises, mostly contacted Tang after discovering the Kindergarten Without Walls' public WeChat account.

"Only on weekends do volunteers step in as teachers. They offer their time and expertise to the children, fostering a supportive community in Binlianxincun," says Tang. "We aim to forge a creative and caring community for children in the neighborhood."

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