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When Truffle Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Updated: 2024-02-09 08:45 ( China Daily Global )
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Shrimp, chicken and fish dishes grace tables in both the northern and southern regions in China. CHINA DAILY

"In Shenyang, the New Year's Eve dinner is typically enjoyed in the afternoon, with restaurants being busiest from 2 to 5 pm," said Ren. "In Shenzhen, a migrant city, most people leave for their hometowns during the Spring Festival holiday. So, the restaurant's Shenzhen branch turns busy around the sixth day of the lunar year, when people return from their hometowns."

With tourism in Northeast China booming this winter, Fengtian restaurants, which specialize in local cuisine, have become a must-visit for tourists in Shenyang. Ren hopes to use the restaurant's Northeastern delicacies to help more people understand and experience Northeastern culture.

Traditionally, families gather at home for New Year's Eve dinners, but in recent years, going out or ordering takeout meals is also becoming popular.

Li Ran, the chef of JW Kitchen in JW Marriott Hotel Beijing Central, has three years of experience preparing takeout dinners on the occasion. He carefully selects dishes that can remain fresh for long after they have been delivered.

Li started preparing the takeout menu for this year's festival four months in advance. He has created innovative and labor-intensive dishes like Truffle Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. Notably, he replaced the usual cake for bird's nest pudding to cater to people's evolving taste.

Another highlight is fish that is fried till the head and tail curl. The fish sauce is packaged separately, allowing customers to pour it over the fish before enjoying the meal.

"This attention to detail ensures that customers can savor professionally crafted delicacies while celebrating the New Year with their loved ones at home," Li says.



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