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Yuewen Global IP Awards held in Singapore

Updated: 2024-02-08 14:34 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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China Literature Group released a list of the most influential works of intellectual property. [Photo provided to China Daily]

In recent years, Chinese-language IPs have seen their influence increasing around the world. On Monday, China Literature Group released a list of the most influential works of intellectual property in a video of the Yuewen Global IP Awards that was held and recorded in Singapore previously.

On the list, nearly 70 percent of online novels or their adaptations in various forms such as TV dramas and video games have entered the global market.

Hou Xiaonan, chief executive officer and president of China Literature Group, said: "It was the first time that the ceremony was held overseas, and it has upgraded to be a global event, with which we hope to bring more good works to the global market."

The list was decided based on the opinions of 15 industrial insiders and academic researchers from both China and Singapore. They examined the IPs' reputation and performance in the market by more comprehensive standards.

Ten online novels won the most influential works of the year award, including Daogui Yixian (The Unruly Immortals), Lingjing Xingzhe (Spirit Realm Walker), Shenhai Yujin (Ashes of Deep Sea), and Suming Zhihuan (Circle of Inevitability), covering genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, history, reality and ancient romance.

Writer The Cuttlefish That Loves Diving won the award of "Outstanding Author of the Year", for many of his works show deep humanistic care, and have broken reading records on qidian.com, an online literature platform of China Literature Group, many times.

The "New Writer of the Year" award went to Huwei, whose The Unruly Immortals topped the list of best online novels released by China Fiction Institution and attracted millions of readers with refreshing Eastern fantasy.

Many IPs on the list are popular not only in China, but also in overseas market. For example, the translations of Circle of Inevitability has become the second most read works from China on Webnovel, the overseas online platform of China Literature Group. The second season of Joy of Life has become the first domestic TV drama that has been booked by more than 10 million online users on the livestreaming platforms of Tencent, and it will be distributed exclusively by The Walt Disney Company in overseas market. The video game adapted from online novel Battle Through the Heavens has been launched in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. In the fourth quarter last year, the game's new users grow by 118 percent quarter-on-quarter.

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