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Comics redrawing reading habits

Updated: 2024-01-16 06:18 ( China Daily )
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The book cover of Chinese comic titles that are sweeping the market, gaining popularity for introducing knowledge of traditional culture and for offering emotional support to readers. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Youth in particular are exploring the medium, drawn by the entertainment they add to educational topics, Yang Yang reports.

In recent years, the domestic market has seen comic books that popularize knowledge — especially about traditional Chinese culture — or that provide emotional support have become popular, largely due to competition that's increasingly fierce in today's fast-paced society. However, comics, which are particularly demanding for both authors and editors in general, still need further development, insiders say.

According to the latest report on the domestic book market in 2023 by the publishing industry consulting company Beijing Openbook, comics have become an important medium for presenting different themes.

On both the general list of bestsellers and the list of best-selling new books in 2023, comic books that cover subjects such as science, psychology, history, life and traditional culture, targeting both adults and children, performed well.

For example, the top best-selling children's book in 2023 is Manhua Xiaoxuesheng Xinli (Psychological Comics for Primary School Students), according to Beijing Openbook.

In 2022, Xiaoxuesheng Chaoxi'aide Manhua Kexue (Comic Books About Science Loved by Primary School Students) sold more than 1 million copies.

Actually, comics present many topics in a more vivid and interesting way, and aim to teach children a range of things, such as self-defense, developing strength, making friends and studying efficiently; the life of Confucius and the development of his thoughts; Chinese classics like Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dream of the Red Chamber; great inventions, politics, philosophy, arts and military strategy in ancient China.

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