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Seminar brings attention to archaeological studies in the border area

Updated: 2024-01-08 11:53 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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An academic seminar on archaeological studies in the border area of China was held in Beijing on Dec 27 and 28.

Organized by the Society for Chinese Archaeology, the Institute of Archaeology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the National Center for Archaeology, the seminar brought together more than 90 archaeology professionals in China to discuss issues related to archaeological studies in the border area.

According to Chen Xingcan, director of the Institute of Archaeology, CASS, as an important part of China's archaeology, archaeology in border areas has attracted more attention from the academic community due to its vast geographical scope and rich cultural significance.

He urged to enhance academic efforts on topics such as the studies of prehistoric settlements and the social complexity process in Northeast China, and formation of nomadic culture in northern China.

Altogether 53 reports were made by scholars covering topics like the latest archaeological discoveries in the border areas and cultural communication in different parts of China.

The annual seminar was initiated in 2019 to bring attention to cultural heritage in China's border areas.

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