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Spa oasis offers nature's remedies and luxury

Updated: 2023-12-30 10:15 ( China Daily )
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[Photo provided to China Daily]

The high proportion of spas is one area where Thailand stands out. It accounts for nearly 2 percent of the global spa market and is forecast to have an overall value of $151 billion in 2025, according to the Global Wellness Institute in Florida.

A study by the commerce ministry of Thailand indicated that the country's health economy boasts high growth potential as the world is increasingly aware of the importance of health and self care.

Krabi, a destination in southern Thailand known for its hot spring that comes from volcanic chambers deep underground, is becoming increasingly popular with tourists for its rehabilitation services.

In 2022, Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital in the province's Klongtom district opened Amataya Wellness, the country's first salt hot spring rehabilitation and health center. It introduced a comprehensive range of rehabilitation and healthcare services.

The physical therapy programs using the salt hot spring are designed for patients who suffered a stroke and other illnesses. In combination with traditional Thai massage, treatments developed at Amataya include therapeutic baths, spas and massage for both rehabilitation and relaxation.

"Klongtom salt hot spring in Krabi is unique with its highly appropriate temperatures and distinctive healing properties, particularly in helping stimulate healthy blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce joint inflammation and relieve musculoskeletal symptoms," said Amataya CEO Noppadol Noppakun.

"The miraculous salt hot spring is also efficient in keeping the nervous system healthy and reducing inflammation of the skin," he added. "Soaking or bathing in the salt hot spring can also help stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems to function better in the long term."

Amataya has 12 guest rooms for both overnight tourists and guests staying longer for rehabilitation services. Moreover, it has rehabilitation therapists from Japan that give professional guidance to customers staying in Amataya for a long time.

Amataya Wellness plans to offer a broader range of superior healthcare services in the near future, Noppadol said.

"With the amazing nature highlighted by the beautiful ocean, picturesque mountains and lush tropical forest, the hot spring tour in Krabi will definitely be an impressive memory in your life," he said.

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