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Foundations of creativity on straw

Updated: 2023-12-16 12:06 ( China Daily )
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Xu Jian explains to students a sorghum straw work featuring conjoined pavilions in Tianjin.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Innovation and promotion

While inheriting the craftsmanship from his father, Xu Jian has produced his own innovative works.

He has ingeniously delivered conjoined pavilions to mean lasting friendships that enjoy brisk sales online among young people.

The Winter Olympics-themed five-ring windmills he made out of sorghum straws drew a great deal of attention at a temple fair in Beijing during this year's Spring Festival.

To date, Xu Jian's works have been exhibited in over 40 provincial and national-level exhibitions, earning numerous gold awards, including one from China Huangshan intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship exhibition in Anhui province in 2012.

To promote the art, Xu Jian joined hands with the School of Civil Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology, in 2013, and founded a sorghum straw carving and tying base where the art has been integrated with architectural courses to enhance students' thinking and practical skills.

From 2016, Xu Jian has also made his way to primary and middle schools in Langfang, as well as neighboring Beijing and Tianjin, to promote the art.

He explains aesthetic structures of ancient classical architecture, introduces the history of the sorghum art and teaches students how to make small art items.

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