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For Xu Li, home is where the heart is

Updated: 2023-11-24 08:20 ( CHINA DAILY )
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Renowned anchor Xu Li (right) and playwright Liu Heping visit an exhibition focusing on the history of Hunan province's Hengyang city. CHINA DAILY

Xu was born in Hunan's Jishou city in 1961.

In 1992, she joined the China Media Group as a news anchor, leaving her hometown to settle in Beijing.

The filming of Where I Was Born and Raised became an opportunity for Xu to frequently revisit her hometown.

For her, the experience served as a catalyst, not only in rekindling personal memories of her roots, but also beginning a journey of rediscovery.

Moving from the news anchor desk to exploring the diverse landscapes of both urban and rural areas in Hunan, Xu sees this journey as more than a mere source of novelty.

"It presents a considerable challenge. On one hand, it enables me to engage deeply with the individuals I interview, and on the other hand, the documentary-style filming introduces me to an entirely new method of expression," she says.

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