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Cometh the hour, cometh the women

Updated: 2023-11-24 08:12 ( CHINA DAILY )
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Renowned talk show host Zhang Yue is among the program's planners. CHINA DAILY

The show has featured guests such as Chen Bi, an associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law, author Mao Jian, Wang Dake, a researcher specializing in the sexual behavior of animals, and stand-up comedian Xiao Lu.

They speak extensively on the program, unconstrained by conventional norms. This approach has earned the show an impressive rating of 9.2 out of 10 points on the review site Douban.

"The program goes beyond traditional stereotypes of women's issues, exploring diverse topics such as humanity, the universe, flora and fauna, technological progress, human civilization and art. Women are depicted as complex, multifaceted and open-minded, with their intellectual insights and life experiences expanding into diverse realms. The articulate guests contribute to engaging and enriching discussions," comments a viewer.

The first episode of the program focused on sexual harassment and featured talkative guests with diverse backgrounds.

Hou Zhiming, who pioneered the first women's psychological counseling hotline on the Chinese mainland in 1992, offered extensive firsthand knowledge of the subject.

Chen offered insights into the process of gathering evidence, while joining them was lawyer Lyu Xiaoquan, known for his legal expertise and experience in representing clients in such cases.

"Having these three individuals come together to discuss this matter presented a comprehensive and well-supported perspective," says Zhou.

During their conversation, the subjects of exhibitionism, sexual innuendo, explicit jokes, patriarchy and feminism were discussed. The guests also offered legal insights and practical suggestions for addressing sexual harassment.

"Female guests are more fearless in their statements. You can observe in their comments and expressions how straightforward and unfiltered they can be. With the increased presence of female guests, there's a more open atmosphere where everyone feels empowered to speak up," says Zhou.

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