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Journey to the West adapted into a theater production

Updated: 2023-11-07 14:05 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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A scene from Journey to the West directed by Huang Ying. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Chinese director Huang Ying premiered his theatrical production, Journey to the West, based on the classic Chinese novel of the same title.

Written by Wu Cheng'en, an author of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the novel has been adapted into various art forms, from dancing dramas, to movies, from paintings to TV dramas.

For director Huang, the novel is full of mystery and had a great impact on his childhood.

It's been a longtime wish for him to turn the classic novel into a theatrical production, which combines his interpretations of the novel and a mix of traditional Chinese theater elements and contemporary theater approaches.

A scene from Code Romeo, based on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a physical theater production by Zhao Yuanhao. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera and guqin (a seven-stringed plucked instrument) have been featured in the theatrical production. Huang also used masks to interpret different characters.

The premiere was part of the Guilin Festival, which took place from Oct 25 to Nov 5 in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Six theatrical productions, winners of the Global Young Chinese Elites Project of Theater Director, had been staged during the festival.

Black Goat, an original Chinese play directed by Meng Run and Liu Ruoyi. [Photo provided to China Daily]
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