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The urban cycle

Updated: 2023-10-27 14:16 ( China Daily )
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The Qiantangjiang Greenway in Hangzhou is a hub for fitness enthusiasts. [Photo by Wei Xiaohao/China Daily]

At the Hangzhou Asian Games that unfolded a month ago, my role as a reporter kept me perpetually on the move.

Each day was a whirlwind, shuttling between the media village, the bustling Main Media Centre and a myriad of competition venues.

My daily routine was a relentless cycle of watching the action, conducting interviews, crafting articles and grabbing whatever moments I could for rest.

The reliable media shuttle was my faithful companion, racing me between these key locations.

Back then, although being busy, I often felt ensconced within a bubble where everyone was amicable, and warm smiles and greetings from the dedicated volunteers were ubiquitous.

Individuals from a wide array of cultural backgrounds were brought together by a shared interest in sports.

The electric atmosphere at the arenas ensured that, as an ardent sports lover, I enjoyed a perpetual wave of excitement and a daily sense of fulfillment.

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