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Adventures on Double Ninth Festival 2023 to air tomorrow

Updated: 2023-10-21 18:43 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Poster of Adventures on Double Ninth Festival 2023. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Adventures on Double Ninth Festival 2023part of Henan TV's hugely successful "Chinese Festivals" series, will greet audiences across China with captivating performances tomorrow night.

This year's show will invite audiences to delve deep into the Chinese culture on topics such as the reverence for mountains and the relationship between humans and nature. Philosophical ideas will also be conveyed through Chinese classic I Ching, which highlights the cyclical nature of life and the concept of unity.

Like its predecessors, audiences can look forward to another visual feast from this year's show. The adventure will unfold in five parts, including "At the Mountain's Foot: The Sun Meets the Moon," "Along the Trails: Pondering the Path Ahead," "On the Mountainside: Looking Ahead," "In the Valley: A Heart Abloom," and "Ridge to Summit: Embracing the Splendor." The protagonist will embark on a journey to reveal the beauty of autumn while climbing to the mountain's peak. Throughout the journey, the audience will experience his companionship and nostalgia, appreciate his persistence and introspection, and witness his marvelous encounters along the way. 

Poster of Adventures on Double Ninth Festival 2023.[Photo provided to China Daily]

The lineup also boasts performances such as the dance Dreams of Dunhuang, songs My Gift, Orange Daylilies, and Blooms, creative dance pieces Drying Crops Under the Autumn Sun, and a theatrical dance titled Great Wall,Great WallThese performances will encompass various aspects of Chinese culture, such as traditional colors, treasures, beliefs, filial piety, and the path taken by the Chinese nation. The show will revolve around customs of the Double Ninth Festival, such as mountain climbing and drying crops, in an effort to convey traditional Chinese virtues on family bonds, respect, and care for the elderly.

Adventures on Double Ninth Festival 2023 will run tomorrow night at 19:30 on HNTV New Media, Elephant News and other Apps and at 21:00 on Henan TV.

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