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Scaling the heights of beauty

Updated: 2023-10-10 08:43 ( China Daily Global )
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Paragliders over Longyin Mountain in Southwest China's Guizhou province. CHINA DAILY

Guizhou offers stunning scenery, adventures and guarantees memories to last a lifetime, reports Nathan Williams.

"Colorful Guizhou" is a phrase that resonated with me throughout my enchanting tour of Xingyi city and Anlong county. However, it hardly does justice to the breathtaking firsthand experience of witnessing the vibrant tapestry of lush mountains, crystal-clear rivers and mesmerizing sunsets that this region has to offer.

My journey commenced in the Wanfenglin Scenic Area, often referred to as the "forest with 10,000 peaks". As we explored the park, we encountered remarkable man-made treasures, such as a marriage registration center, resembling a colossal love heart embedded in the landscape.

This center, located within a AAAA-level National Park, opened its doors on Chinese Valentine's Day, or Qixi festival, which falls on Aug 22 this year, and has since become a cherished destination for couples embarking on their matrimonial journey.

While strolling through the park, I was drawn to the river by the entrancing melodies of a man playing traditional Chinese music on an electric recorder.

This is just one example of the seamless integration of modernity with Mother Nature's playground. "I come here every day to enjoy myself, to stay young. I cherish this spot, gazing at the rainbow bridge and the distant peaks," 59-year-old retired English teacher Liu Yongfeng told me.

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