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Guesthouse offers space to learn heritage

Updated: 2023-09-23 11:45 ( China Daily )
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A collection displayed at a museum in the guesthouse. CHINA DAILY

The rooms, mostly in a loft layout with areas ranging from 40-110 sqm, are decorated with works by domestic contemporary artists. Some are equipped with a hot spring in the room, while others feature tatami and soaking tubs.

According to the guesthouse, it plans to be the first art-themed parent-child inn in Beijing, a place where children can learn about liuli production, experience the charm of the glassware and have a good time with their parents.

To allow this, the guesthouse has arranged a floor for kids to play and have fun, and a mini-library with a skylight. It has collaborated with children's picture book publishers nationwide to supply the mini-library.

Meanwhile, the guesthouse is to host a variety of art season events for parent-child interaction, providing families with a unique art experience and allowing children to appreciate art in a joyful atmosphere.

They can also discover fun at the industry park, which has been positioned as a museum of liuli and a youth inheritance activity base for intangible cultural heritage.

"Let the cultural relics stored in museums, the heritage displayed on the vast land, and the words written in ancient books come alive. The rekindling of the kiln fires of the millennium-old kilns in the western outskirts of Beijing is an example of bringing cultural relics to life," said Shan Jixiang, president of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics, People's Daily reported.




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