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Farmers find fame, make online footprint

Updated: 2023-09-20 08:08 ( CHINA DAILY )
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A video channel called "Shan Bai", features traditional Chinese handicrafts and rural life in China. CHINA DAILY

Transitioning from theoretical knowledge to practical application, Xiang invests significant time in research. "Some ancient texts may not offer entirely clear instructions, and different sources sometimes provide varying descriptions, so it's necessary for me to conduct extensive research, spanning from online forums to academic papers."

"If I have the opportunity in the future, I hope to find teachers to learn from because I've encountered many detours in my exploration," he added.

According to Xiang Qingbiao, the most substantial challenge in video production isn't the craftsmanship itself, but rather "staying focused in an era of information overload". Fortunately, Guzhang county offers a peaceful environment that allows him to contemplate and create.

Leaving behind the bustling urban life of Shanghai and returning to rural life, Xiang Qingbiao has never had regret. "Living in the metropolis brought unpredictability, with many aspects of life beyond my control," he observed. "Life in rural areas is generally straightforward, and results are attainable as long as you put in sufficient effort."

Besides, Xiang Qingbiao holds a unique perspective on intangible cultural heritage. He believes that its significance lies not solely in physical objects and craftsmanship, but rather in the wisdom and culture they represent.

"As products of specific historical eras, these techniques and items naturally fade from daily life as productivity advances," he noted. "The purpose of our videos isn't solely to showcase the value of these objects; it's also to emphasize that while some of these items may gradually disappear from modern daily life, the enduring human wisdom that underlies them remains timeless."

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