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Pastures for posterity

Updated: 2023-09-09 07:13 ( CHINA DAILY )
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Food in Erdenetsugla's home at the summer grazing grounds of Ar Horqin Banner in July. WANG HAORAN/CHINA DAILY

"We're raking in 650,000 metric tons of annual output in commercial forage grass at an output value of 1.2 billion yuan, becoming a hub of the sector," Su says, adding that local residents are benefiting from the green investments, with annual per capita income increases of up to 40,000 yuan for workers in the industry.

"The forage crops also help increase plant coverage and protect the land against any environmental threats like desertification," he says.

"The inroads we've made in the field are a natural extension of Ar Horqin's green priorities and advantages, felt here and beyond," Su says.

According to local authorities, Ar Horqin will bring together its pillar forage crop and livestock industries to tap opportunities from the Belt and Road Initiative, positioning its nomadic products for global markets, with related cooperation agreements already reached with the United Arab Emirates covering the planting and processing of crops, animal husbandry and high-tech transportation facilities.

Zhang Haijun, deputy general manager of forage producer Green Pasture, says government support and incentives help complement the development of a sector perfectly suited to the area.

The company, using modern drying and packing technology, can churn out 50,000 tons of forage feed pellets a year from alfalfa, oats and other choice crops grown in the area, he says.

"The environment here is integral to our development, for enterprises and the residents alike," Zhang says. "All of us have an important stake in protecting it."

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