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Goldfish adorn tide of history

Updated: 2023-09-08 08:07 ( CHINA DAILY )
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More than 10 different types and 800 individual goldfish from all over China have been gathered for an exhibition at the Prince Kung's Palace in Beijing. The exhibition will run through Sunday. XU HAOYU/CHINA DAILY

"The varieties of goldfish actually reveal our culture. Lions, tigers, dragons, cranes, and so on, are all auspicious creatures that represent specific cultural symbols," He explains. "For instance, the lion symbolizes the strength that can drive out evil spirits, majestic authority and good luck.

"We project these cultural symbols onto the appearance of goldfish, and through selective breeding, we present these diverse goldfish varieties to the world. These are truly works of art crafted by Chinese artisans, belonging uniquely to our own culture."

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