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'Baduanjin' by yourself

Updated: 2023-08-31 08:22 ( CHINA DAILY )
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Fitness content creator Li Jianlin demonstrates baduanjin. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Baduanjin helps stretch the body, loosen the joints and tone the muscles, while promoting good circulation.

Before starting, stand in meditation, breathing and relaxing.

1. Raise Palms to the Sky

Breathe in as the hands are raised, palms upward, and slowly exhale as the hands are lowered. The movement helps improve the posture by stretching and straightening the spine, and also improves the flexibility of the shoulder joints and arms.

2. Drawing the Bow

Stand as though straddling a horse, imagine drawing a bow and releasing an arrow. Relax the arms and lower them, then lift the hands and draw the bow to other side. This exercise helps improve general blood circulation and exercises the heart and lungs, as well as the muscles in the arms and chest.

3. Push High and Low

Coordinate breathing with the movements. Breathe out as you push your hands up, inhale and continue inhaling as you push your hands down. These movements help stretch the side of the body and relieve pressure on the stomach, liver and spleen.

4. Turn and Look Over the Shoulder

Stand with a straight back and turn your head slowly to the side, allowing your waist and shoulders to turn, without twisting your knees. Breathe out gently while turning to look over the shoulder, and breathe in while returning to the central line. This movement helps relieve tension and fatigue in the neck and shoulders.

5. Rotate the Body and Sink

Place hands at the top of the thighs, keep the shoulders back, bend the knees and circle from the hips as you bend forward and come up on one side, then pause and return the other way. Breathe in while the body is upright, and breathe out as you roll forward. This movement helps stretch the sides and back.

6. Two Hands Hold the Feet

Keep your knees unlocked and slightly bent as you bend forward, aiming your hands at the ground in front of your feet. As you come back up, straighten up carefully. Slowly, breath out as you descend and breath in as ascend. This movement can be challenging. Slowly increase your reach each time you bend forward. This movement helps improve flexibility and circulation.

7. Punch with Fists

Take a wide stance and keep your back upright. Squat with the knees gently bent as if riding a horse. Punch with your fists either tightly balled or loose. This movement improves the flexibility of the spine and circulation.

8. Bouncing on the Toes

Keep the knees soft and bent as the heels lift from the ground, and return. Repetition of this movement helps circulation and relaxes the whole body.

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