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Gaining knowledge, building friendships

Updated: 2023-08-23 07:28 ( China Daily Global )
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Saudi students attend calligraphy workshops. [Photo provided to China Daily]

About what the Saudi students can learn from China's marine oil and gas industry, Xu thinks the first thing is the fast delivery capability of Chinese companies. "For example, in just one year, we can complete an oil platform manufacturing project that usually takes two to three years," he explained, adding that China's digitalization technology is also cutting-edge.

Apart from the intelligent manufacturing base, the Saudi students also visited a simulation center for offshore oil engineering equipment, where they saw underwater operation robots and experienced the simulative installation process of offshore platforms using a digitalized command module.

During the field trips, Alghamdi Abdulaziz Abdullah S, 29, carried a notebook wherever he went to timely record what he learned for later review. He had worked as a mineral engineer for four years before coming to China to study civil engineering at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. However, he has always maintained a humble mentality of starting from zero, which has earned him the fame of "top student" among his peers in the summer program. "I just find there are so many new things to learn here in China," said Abdulaziz.

Another thing about China that has impressed Abdulaziz is the kindness of Chinese people. "They are very friendly and nice. They live in equality and harmony, which makes China such a safe country to live in," he said. "I think China is the best place I've ever been to."

Now Abdulaziz is learning Chinese, hoping to break through the language barrier to better understand China in the future. He also proudly mentioned that nowadays, more and more Saudi Arabian children have started to learn Chinese since primary school or even kindergarten.

Aldhafeeri Fahad Salman F, 29, speaks the best Chinese among the 12 Saudi students. Having stayed in China for only 10 months, he is already fluent in daily conversations, seminar discussions and even delivered a speech in Chinese during the summer program. "I love making friends. I have many Chinese friends whom I chat with every day. That's how I pick up Chinese," he said.

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