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China-Pakistan friendship celebrated in film coproduction

Updated: 2023-08-12 08:24 ( XINHUA )
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The audience watches Ba'Tie Girl, a joint effort between Chinese and Pakistani producers, in the main auditorium of the Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad on Aug 3. [Photo/Xinhua]

Following the launch of the CPEC a decade ago, thousands of Chinese workers and engineers came to Pakistan on CPEC projects, and hundreds of thousands traveled to China for education, professional training, business, and other opportunities.

Talking about people-to-people exchanges, the film's Pakistani coproducer Syed Jamal Shah says that the journey of the young Chinese woman to Pakistan and her interaction with Pakistani culture in the coproduction gives a good glimpse into the culture of both countries.

"Trade and commerce under the CPEC have great economic importance, but building bridges through art and culture means a lot because these bridges are much stronger and long-standing as they bring people closer to each other," Shah says.

Talking about the driving factor behind coproducing the movie, the Chinese producer Xie Peng says that, through different incidents, he understood the strong bond of friendship between China and Pakistan, and has heard many stories that demonstrate the friendship between the two countries.

The coproduction is being seen as the first major step toward long-awaited China-Pakistan cooperation in the field of films and dramas, aimed at reviving Pakistan's film industry.

Zafar Uddin Mahmood, special assistant to the prime minister of Pakistan and former special envoy for the CPEC, says the movie will inspire other filmmakers to work in coproduction with China.

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