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Tune in to these podcasts about Chinese culture

Updated: 2023-08-11 15:58 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Headphones have become something of a sanctuary in today’s world. No matter where you turn – be it home, parks, streets, subways, buses and offices – you'll find people donning headphones.

According to a research report by eMarketer, the number of podcast listeners in China surged to 86 million in 2021. iResearch forecast this number will surpass 120 million by 2023.

So what are the people in China listening to? As podcasts delve into every topic about Chinese culture, which programs have emerged as success in the country?

Let's check out a few.


China Daily podcast

Produced by: China Daily

Podcast channels: Apple Podcasts, Ximalaya

Language: English

China Daily podcast provides news and insight about China with a wealth of information about Chinese culture, politics and economics. When it comes to Chinese culture, the podcast delves into an array of subjects, including Chinese cultural heritage, cuisine, lifestyle, tourism, traditional festivals and more, delivering a comprehensive look at China's cultural charm of past and present.

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