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Wa people celebrate wooden drum festival in Yunnan

Updated: 2023-04-12 14:44 ( CGTN )
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Wa girls sling their long hair around their heads as part of a ceremonial dance. [Photo/CGTN]

The wooden drum, usually made from a section of trunk measuring two meters by 0.8 meters in diameter, is considered a divine object through which the Wa people can directly communicate with their gods. In the past, it was widely used as a ritual object. But nowadays it serves as an instrument during festivals. Dancing to the beat of the drum allows the Wa people to express their wishes for a happy life, good luck, and a bumper harvest. Girls and young women whip their long hair around their heads as part of one of their ceremonial dances.

There are more than 40,000 Wa people living in China, mainly in Yunnan. To promote their unique culture, local authorities stage various activities in some of their villages to highlight their cuisine, handicrafts, religion and popular forms of entertainment.

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