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Macao's film, TV industry boasts potential

Updated: 2022-12-27 07:11 ( Xinhua )
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MACAO — As a city where modernity meets tradition and the Eastern and Western cultures converge, Macao's film and television industry boasts huge potential that can be further tapped, says Hu Mei, a film director from the Chinese mainland.

"The diversified culture of Macao makes it an exceptional place for literary and artistic creation," says Hu, who visits the city for a film and TV event.

Hu was director of the historical TV series Yongzheng Dynasty, which received acclaim in the mainland. She also directed a number of TV series, including The Emperor in Han Dynasty and Qiao's Grand Courtyard.

Her connections with Macao started from the 1990s when she directed Tears and Triumph, a TV series set in Hong Kong, with part of it shot in Macao.

"Back then, Macao had not returned to the motherland," Hu recalls.

"My impression of the city was a small place with old streets, which was in sharp contrast to the modern, fashionable and prosperous metropolis it is now."

The tremendous changes in Macao inspired her to shoot a film that reflects the part of history since Macao's return to the motherland.

"The stories are well worth telling," she says.

Over the years, several well-known films had been shot in Macao, including 2046, a romantic drama film by Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai.

However, the potential of Macao's film industry has not been fully tapped, Hu says, adding that the city is full of treasures in the eyes of film professionals.

She suggests that Macao should draw from the experience of other countries or regions, such as Singapore where the US romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians was shot, bringing the city state a surge of tourists.

"Developing the film and TV industry and the cultural industry in general can bring more tourists to Macao and help promote its economic diversification," says Hu.

She recommends that Macao should focus on nurturing talent and join hands with film industry counterparts in the mainland to produce quality movies and TV series with Macao branding.

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