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Adventures of the Double Ninth Festival: All-embracing Grottoes

Updated: 2022-10-04 13:03 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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From India to the Western Regions and then to central China, Buddhist grottoes have been transformed from a place of penance to one of worship. Their cultural core has changed from meditation on nirvana to contemplation of reality, from reflection on life’s suffering to the pursuit of well-being. Grotto culture has blended into all aspects of social life in China over many historical periods.

With Chinese grottoes as the source of inspiration, the dancers represent the long history and glorious art of Chinese grottoes through artistry and visuals in their unique dance moves and lead the audience to meet the ancient civilization from thousands of years ago. The show manifests the pursuit of well-being and the hope of a better life that has persevered from ancient times to the present.

The video was provided by the All-Media Marketing Planning Center of the Henan TV station.

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