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Adventures of the Double Ninth Festival: Mellow the Autumn

Updated: 2022-10-04 13:01 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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A group of women pick chrysanthemums, dry them and use them to brew wine as the Double Ninth Festival approaches.

In addition to employing dance to present the natural life of chrysanthemums, the dancers aim to explore and reflect on the spirit of chrysanthemums! The chrysanthemum not only represents elegance and daintiness but also symbolizes warriors who devote their lives to lofty aspirations.

Additionally, Chrysanthemums carried special significance for the ancient Chinese people, who endowed this flower with some personified connotations. Like the hermits, chrysanthemums are aloof and carefree; like the patriots, they are loyal and noble; like the warriors, they have lofty pursuits. All these characteristics of chrysanthemums have not only lived in the mind of the literati but have also become the symbolic features of the flower recognized by all Chinese people.

The video was provided by the All-Media Marketing Planning Center of the Henan TV station.

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