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Ancient wisdom shines in a new series of books

Updated: 2022-09-19 17:20 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Ancient Classics Light up the World ( Dian Liang Shi Jie Cong Shu). [Photo provided to China Daily]

Organized by the International Confucian Association, a new book series Ancient Classics Light up the World (Dian Liang Shi Jie Cong Shu) was launched in Beijing on Monday.

During The International Conference Commemorating the 2,565th anniversary of Confucius held in 2014, President Xi Jinping mentioned 15 important inspirations we could gain from traditional Chinese culture, that could help solve problems modern people face.

Based on the 15 inspirations, including seeking harmony between people and nature, keeping pace with the times through reform and innovation, and treating people with honesty and trust, International Confucian Association and People's Publishing House are publishing this series, which contains 15 books, each elaborating on one of these inspirations.

Famous scholars have been invited to compile these books. They chose words from ancient classics related to wisdom,and then they analyzed and explained them, so that readers can better understand the modern values of them.

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