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Foreigners welcome the mid-autumn festival with Chinese paintings and calligraphy work

Updated: 2022-09-13 15:28 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Some calligraphy lovers show their works. [Photo provided by Chinese Bridge Club]

Chinese paintings and calligraphy lovers from across the world show their skills online, creating diversiform artistic work themed on the Mid-Autumn Festival, thanks to a competition held by Chinese Bridge.

The 2022 "Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition - Calligraphy and Painting Challenge" has attracted a lot of attention since its start in June. 496 pieces themed on the Mid-Autumn Festival from 471 participants in 68 countries have been collected. All of these pieces can be viewed on the official website of this event, and people can watch vlogs uploaded by the artists, to know more about their intention and have a better understanding on their work.

Timed to coincide with two major Chinese festivals, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, the challenge has two phases over half a year. Submitters may choose to participate in the calligraphy group, the painting group or both.

Some painters show their paintings. [Photo provided by Chinese Bridge Club]

As a carrier of traditional Chinese culture, calligraphy has witnessed a long history and becomes a symbol of China's profound culture; while as a common language of all humanity, paintings play an important role in merging different cultures during their creation. Thus, these calligraphy works and paintings will function as a new channel that will be open to the public, connect China and other countries, and show the real China to the rest of the world.

Appreciate more works on the official website: http://bridge.chinese.cn/shz/

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