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A bazaar experience greets city dwellers after dark

Updated: 2022-08-03 08:34 ( Xinhua )
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When night falls, the hustle and bustle of the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou turns to the banks of the Pearl River in Liwan district. Hundreds of people and cars decorated with colorful lights and eye-catching shop signs swarm a local car boot sale bazaar.

At the bazaar, car owners hang up signboards, switch on colorful belts of lights, and place tables and chairs to welcome customers.

Liang Jinsheng, a local youth, sells lemon tea at the bazaar, which was opened to the public on July 15. The almost one-square-meter car trunk is his space for tea making.

"I used to work in the catering industry. I saw on the internet many people doing business at car boot sale bazaars. So I decided to give it a try, as doing business is low-cost and low-risk," Liang says.

"Although my 'shop' is small, I have obtained the necessary business licenses and will stick with hygienic standards to ensure food safety," Liang adds.

While making the lemon tea, Liang also livestreams on a short-video platform to drive traffic.

"A lot of residents have come to my tea booth after watching my livestream. It is a new business model, which can help my store gain fame. I make around 1,000 yuan ($148) at the bazaar every night," he says.

"Cool summer breeze, night river view … The atmosphere here is different from dining in restaurants."

Like Liang, many people are joining the car boot sale trend.

After getting relevant business licenses, Li Zihao, a junior at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, started a homemade cocktail business at the bazaar with his friends.

He also set up a simple stage beside his stall, where customers can sing freely and relax.

"This will not only enrich my summer and enable me to make more friends, but will also pave the way for my future entrepreneurship," Li says.

The bazaar is the epitome of the booming night economy in Guangzhou. The city has recently introduced a slew of measures to support the development of the night economy, trying to tap into the consumption potential of residents at night.

Under the necessary pandemic prevention measures, Guangzhou will support these new types of business activities, says the city's commerce department, noting that many commercial plazas have offered space for car boot sales and introduced night-themed activities to stimulate consumption.

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