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Silk Road youths tour Langzhong Ancient City

Updated: 2022-07-18 14:18 ( cri.cn )
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Silk Road youths at the Zhongtian Tower [Photo/cri.cn]

Recently, Zhongtian Tower, a landmark building in the ancient city of Langzhong, Sichuan, welcomed the study tour group of Silk Road youths of the "Belt and Road · In Love with the Capital of Silk" activity. International students from many countries dressed in exquisite hanfu climbed to the top of Zhongtian Tower to overlook the beautiful scenery of the ancient city, or walked through the ancient city holding an oil-paper umbrella. In the bustling street scene of Langzhong Ancient City, they all were amazed at the beautiful scenery of the ancient city, and also the quaint and exquisite ancient Chinese architectures.

International students had a strong interest in traditional Chinese costumes. Deng Yilin, an international student from Malaysia studying at Chengdu Sport University, said that it was her first time wearing hanfu, and it felt so special and novel to walk on the bluestone road in the ancient city and experience the millennium history and culture of the ancient city.

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