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Updated: 2022-07-18 09:14 ( China Daily )
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Carefree style

Presenting a mentality of self-satisfaction has been central to the work of artist Ziqing Yimu. He believes to achieve that goal, it doesn't mean total relaxation and overindulgence but being focused on and committed to something one cares about, like painting in his case. The Ici Labas art gallery in 798 Art Zone, Beijing, is showing more than 20 of Ziqing's paintings at his solo exhibition, The Weight of Being Self-satisfied. In his work, Ziqing utilizes his creativity and energy in the pursuit of the ultimate state of sincerity and perfection. He adopts semi abstract and abstract approaches to find an undisciplined and yet organized pattern in his vivid output. He says painting is like a ray of light for him to explore the most intimate parts of his heart and soul, and to help him find the reason why he has to paint. The exhibition runs through Aug 7.

10:30 am-6 pm, closed on Mondays. East Street, 798 Art Zone, Beijing.130-0117-0598.

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