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The Big Draw-Artchaeology: Convergence of Art with Sanxingdui

Updated: 2022-07-04 14:52 ( Chinaculture.org )
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As a form of visual aesthetics, painting has always been the most commonly used form of human art. Its power has long surpassed its two-dimensional plane space.

In 1986, the discovery of two sacrificial pits in Sanxingdui shocked the world. After 30 years, the sacrificial area at the Sanxingdui Ruins site was re-launched, and the cultural relics’ unique modeling, artistic creation, and the mysterious ancient Shu civilization once again attracted widespread attention in the world.

Under the pen of artists and art amateurs, the culture of Sanxingdui is a rich inspiration and source of painting. What kind of new imagination and creation could be inspired?

THE BIG DRAW ‒ Artchaeology: Convergence of Art with Sanxingdui themed art event is about to kick off. Now we are inviting artists, art practitioners, colleges, institutions, and art amateurs around the world to join in and have a “dialogue” with the Sanxingdui through your brush. We are looking forward to your power of painting to write a new legend for the Sanxingdui.

Submission Guideline


Artists and art amateurs from China and abroad. Two categories of group: the juvenile group (under 18 years old), and the adult group (18 years old and above).

Types of works

1.Traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, watercolor (powder) paintings, illustrations, etc. There is no limit on the variety of paintings. The longest dimension on one side of the work shall not exceed 1.5 meters.

2. Digital painting (digital comics, digital illustrations, etc.), three-dimensional digital cultural and creative design, digital dynamic graphic design.


1. The work shall be original by the contributor. The work should be created with “Sanxingdui’s Culture” at the core to express understanding and imagination of “Sanxingdui,” or depict the image of “Sanxingdui” in mind. The work should follow the mainstream values and the content should be proper and positive.

2. The form of the submitted work shall be an e-file in JPG format without compression. The width and height shall be more than 450px, with a resolution of more than 300dpi. The size shall be over 5M and no more than 20M. The physical size of the work should be clear, with no commercial LOGO, unit, name (including English or pinyin abbreviations) or any icons and graphics related to the identity of the participants.

3. The contributor shall ensure that the submitted work has legitimate rights and interests, including independent and complete copyright, portrait, reputation, privacy rights, etc. The contributor keeps the original work, design documents (CDR, AI, PSD, etc.), so that the organizing committee could receive the selected work afterwards.

4. For convenience, individual applicants and organizations need to sign relevant authorizations at the time of registration.

Submission methods

1. Domestic participants: Please follow the official WeChat account Samxingdui Museum Cultural and Creative Products. Enter the online registration platform through the subscription link, and fill out group, real information of individuals or groups, art profiles, contact information (individual participants under the age of 18 need to fill out the contact information of guardians) and other information, and acquire creation materials through the platform. After finishing your work, submit it, and upload the category of the work, the name of the author, the name of the work and the size of the work to the platform as required.

2. Overseas participants: Please send an email to the designated mailbox of the organizing committee and provide your name, nationality, age, and type of work to register for participation. The designated email address of the organizing committee: Info@urbanhybrid.co.uk leven@lovesbj.com.

3. Contact:刘 泓 伶(Chinese) 18380141596

Patricia (English) 15102875336

Time arrangement

1. Collection

Register and upload works from June 29 to September 25, 2022.

2. Selection

At the end of September 2022, the judges will select the finalists and excellent works.

In late October 2022, the list of finalists and excellent works will be announced.

3.Votes for online popular works

From October 8 to October 15, 2022, the finalists will be exhibited on the platform, and online voting will be launched to select popular works.

4. Send the works to the Sanxingdui Museum

At the end of September 2022, the individual participant send the original work to the Sanxingdui Museum.

In early October 2022, the Sanxingdui Museum will determine the works that will be collected.

5. Exhibition

In October 2022, the Sanxingdui Museum will hold an exhibition to showcase some of the excellent works.


This event’s judge panel is composed of experts hired by the organizer. The works will be divided into the juvenile group and the adult group. A total of 100 works will be selected, of which 50 are excellent works. (The number may fluctuate according to the quality of the works.)

1. Selected works: Conduct a centralized review of all submitted works, and select a total of 100 selected works (80 from the adult group and 20 from the juvenile group).

2. Online popular works: 30 online popular works will be voted out of 100 selected works.

3. Excellent works: Experts review and select 50 excellent works from the 100 selected works (at least 5 works from the juvenile group).

Rights and Interests

1. The authors of the selected works will receive the selection certificate, portfolio and entrance ticket to the Sanxingdui Museum issued by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

2. The authors of online popular works will receive the certificate of online popular works and Samxingdui cultural and creative prizes issued by the organizer.

3.The authors of excellent works will receive certificates of excellent works, portfolio, entrance ticket to the Sanxingdui Museum and cultural and creative prizes issued by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

4. On the basis of the voluntary principle, the Sanxingdui Museum will collect some excellent works and issue collection certificates to the authors. The collected works will have the opportunity to be exhibited at the Sanxingdui Museum and participate in the global tour exhibition.

5. The copyright operation agency of this event has the priority signing rights for copyright development and copyright use of selected works. The copyright operation agency of this activity will sign an agreement for in-depth cooperation with the authors of excellent works to develop cultural and creative products.

6. During the submission period, the work shall not be authorized to other commercial platforms, magazines, publishing organizations, new media organizations, etc. for release or publication, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to cancel its participation.

If the submitted works do not meet the requirements of the organizing committee and lead to disputes, they will be disqualified from participation and the legal liability arising therefrom shall be borne by the author. During the submission period, the work shall not be authorized to other commercial platforms, magazines, publishing organizations, new media organizations, etc. for release or publication, otherwise, the organizing committee has the right to disqualify it from participating.

7. The host has the rights pertaining to the exhibition, research, photography, video, publication, printing, publicity and promotion related to this event for all selected works.


The interpretation right of this notice belongs to the organizer; all authors who submit works for selection shall be deemed to have confirmed and complied with the provisions of the solicitation notice.

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