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63-year-old Tibetan dancer energizes cultural heritage

Updated: 2022-04-02 16:53 ( Ecns.cn )
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Sangzhu practices Xierongzhongzi at his own yard. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

"We have performed Xierongzhongzi in a lot of places, and it's favored by many people," 63-year-old Tibetan dancer Sangzhu said with pride when speaking of his career.

Xierongzhongzi, also known as "yak dance" in Chinese, is a traditional Tibetan performance dating back more than 1,000 years, which combines vocal music, monologue, and dance. As an inheritor of this national intangible cultural heritage, Sangzhu has performed Xierongzhongzi for more than four decades.

"More than 1,000 years ago, Xierongzhongzihas already been carved onto the mural in Jokhang Temple," said Sangzhu. "During Sho Dun Festival, a traditional Tibetan festival, no Tibetan drama will kick off without Xierongzhongzi, a symbol of happiness, auspiciousness and blessing."

"During our toughest time, only two elder men knew the lyrics, and young people all chose to go out instead of learning Xierongzhongzi," Sangzhu recalled, "however, with the support from both local and central governments, Xierongzhongzihas been listed into China's national intangible cultural heritage in 2011."

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