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HNTV’s Chinese Solar Terms — The Adventures in Vernal Equinox sets to begin

Updated: 2022-03-20 11:58 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Plants sprout in spring, grow in summer, get harvested in fall, and are stored in winter. In the course of its thousands-year-old history and culture, China has come up with “24 solar terms”, which symbolize natural changes year in, year out.

On Vernal Equinox, HNTV will air its brand-new TV program series Chinese Solar Terms. The first episode, Chinese Solar TermsThe Adventures in Vernal Equinox, will invite you to be on an adventure filled with unique Chinese emotions on Vernal Equinox with its well-balanced yin and yang and progressively growing daytime.

In the planning stage, the chief producer, after repeated exploration, decided to take a completely different approach by expressing the meanings and connotations of the solar terms through little yet beautiful, interesting and new dramas close to contemporary life.

Chinese Solar Terms — The Adventures in Vernal Equinox will create an imaginary dimension, where Mr. Solar Terms will observe changes in society by studying star movements and seasonal changes from a unique angle beyond heaven and earth.

In the universe, planets orbit like a clock. When the needle points at the Vernal Equinox mark, there is a shocking, thunder-like bang. When Mr. Solar Terms, surrounded by an air of divinity, looks at the clock of solar terms, spring is already in the air on earth...

In this year-round program series, he will manifest each of the solar terms’ origin and meanings on multiple levels, including through macro- and micro-perspectives.

Deriving from the agricultural age, the 24 solar terms used to guide agricultural activities. What meanings do the 24 solar terms carry for the modern people in a digital and technological age?

This is what the chief producer hopes the Chinese Solar Terms program series can explore deeply. Showing the story in different stages through the “adventures” of both ancient and contemporary characters, the Chinese Solar Terms program series features human-human, human-nature, human-emotion relations in those adventures, which manifests Chinese spiritual and philosophical thinking reposed in the solar terms, generating resonance with modern people.

Each program will last around 10 to 15 minutes. In Chinese Solar Terms — The Adventures in Vernal Equinox, Han Dynasty’s Prince of Huainan Liu An, the earliest inventor and recorder of the 24 solar terms, travels to modern time, meets little boy Liu Yidan, and completes together with him a scientific experiment that shows eggs are fresh when Vernal Equinox comes. In the program, technologies such as artificial intelligence and extended reality will be used for visual manifestation. Also, the program will include some traditional customs related to solar terms. At the end of the program, an original song will take the emotions to the next level.

Each of the solar terms will involve one adventure and one type of emotion. The Chinese Solar Terms program series will be aired soon. Stay tuned.


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