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Hidden treasures: Exploring China’s cultural heritage

Updated: 2022-03-16 10:19 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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After three years of renovation, the China National Arts and Crafts Museum and China Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum opened to the public on Feb 6, 2022. The opening ceremony was divided into 7 sections, showcasing arts and crafts since 1949, guqin (a seven-string traditional Chinese instrument), musical instruments and scores, Dunhuang murals, traditional Chinese opera, seal-cutting, and Chinese New Year paintings. Over 1,200 items are on display, covering an enormous timespan and a wide range of skilled craftsmanship.

The inauguration exhibition will run through May 30, If you are a culture lover or looking for a fun cultural experience, make sure to pay a visit.

Guest: Li Yuwen

Reporter: Li Wenrui

Camera: Yu Xiaoou, Fu Rui, Cao Meiqiao

Director: Cao Meiqiao

Editor: Cao Meiqiao, Yu Xiaoou

Voice: Li Wenrui, Yan Maoqiang, Yu Xiaoou

Script Writer: Li Wenrui, Cao Meiqiao, Gu Xin

Executive Producer: Feng Minghui

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