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Beijing 2022 to show strength of Chinese culture and people

Updated: 2022-01-22 09:15 ( China Daily )
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The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will show the strength of Chinese culture and people, a Cuban expert says in an interview.

"China is a huge country, full of heritage and history, which makes it more attractive as an Olympic destination," says Eduardo Regalado, senior researcher at Cuba's International Policy Research Center.

The expert says the Chinese government and people will demonstrate once again their capacity in organizing international sports events.

"All the athletes, coaches and attending delegations will see the impressive achievements China has made in the field of infrastructure and supporting facilities to guarantee the success of the Winter Games," he says.

"The leadership and role of the Communist Party of China has been fundamental for the development of the Chinese society in the sports arena and the country as a whole.

"In addition, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a platform to display the high standards of the scientific and technological progress made by China over the past few decades," adds Regalado.

Regalado says China will successfully protect the health of people participating at the Winter Games, through stringent COVID-19 safety guidance and an effective epidemic prevention policy.

"The Chinese government and people have done a great job in managing the sanitary emergency, which reflects the paramount priority China gives to the fight against the novel coronavirus," he says.

The Winter Games could contribute to expanding the global knowledge and better understanding of China, he notes.

"I have no doubt that the Beijing Winter Olympics will become a reference for sports events in the immediate future when it comes to environmental protection and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions," Regalado says.

The Winter Games will take place in full harmony in keeping with the spirit of friendship and solidarity of the Chinese people and with China's concept of building a community with a shared future for humanity.

"I send my best wishes to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, which will help construct a world of peace, multilateralism and collaboration," he adds.


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