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Film director shows her mettle

Updated: 2021-11-11 07:43 ( China Daily )
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The film Love After Lovestars actress Ma Sichun as a young woman who falls for a playboy portrayed by actor Eddie Peng (pictured), who leads her astray. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Describing herself as a "nonsensitive" person, Hui says that she hadn't predicted that the casting controversy, which started as early as mid-2019 when the cast was announced, would ferment to such an extent.

"I have never wanted to tell audiences how to watch a film, but I still feel a bit surprised to read these comments," says Hui, wearing her trademark black-rimmed glasses, during an interview with China Daily.

"I think Eddie Peng is quite similar to George, his character. According to my impression shaped from reading Chang's original tale, George is not weak and sort of sensitive. As Peng grew up overseas, his gesture and personality fit my imagination of the character," explains Hui.

"I chose Ma because I was very impressed with her 2016 film, Soul Mate. She perfectly renders how a young woman crazily falls in love. Also, Ma's appearance-if admired from a certain angle-reminds me of some foreign movie stars of the 1940s, such as Ingrid Bergman," adds the director.

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