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From fantasy to reality

Updated: 2021-10-28 07:55 ( China Daily )
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A game station set up by tadu.com, a literature site, to interact with visitors. [Photo by Yang Yang/China Daily]

"Online literature is not only about imaginative themes like time travel or fantasy stories anymore, but is more realistic, with topics ranging from the frustrations, and the value, of life, which further inspires people to ponder questions regarding the country's development, national rejuvenation and the future of mankind," she said.

As the thinking and imagination of writers of traditional literature tend to become similar, online literature appears more vibrant, as those amateur writers are from all walks of life and each has a unique life experience and passion for literature.

"Their professional experience and love for writing greatly enrich their works. For example, they write stories regarding industry, sports, firefighting, theater, medicine, as well as funerals and interment," Huo said.

However, online literature, despite its vitality, should learn from traditional literature to care more profoundly about reality, in addition to improving its language and plotting, she said.

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