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Shanghai Concert Hall unveils new 3D offering

Updated: 2021-10-21 17:43 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Shanghai Concert Hall premiered a new 3D mapping projection named "A Story of Sound and Light" alongside with an upgraded Chinese music production on Oct 20.

Hundreds of audiences watched the 8-minute electronic visual performance on the western wall of the Shanghai Concert Hall despite of pouring rain.

"The rain somehow affected the experience, but still it was a stunning show," said a woman surnamed Sun. "I've seen some mapping projection shows but the unique architecture of the Shanghai Concert Hall brought new visual impact and historical depth. I am very impressed and this is more than I could expect."

A Story of Sound and Light was created by Motion Magic, a leading digital entertainment company in Shanghai.

According to Tang Hao, the general manager of the company, the main objective was to design a visual extravaganza that could match the glory and importance of the 90-year-old Shanghai Concert Hall.

Built in 1930 and originally named the Nanking Theater, the building was the first classic Western style architecture designed by Chinese architects. It was also one of the first cinemas in Shanghai to screen foreign movies at the same time as the West. Maestro Mei Lanfang used to perform Peking opera here, and in the latter half of the 20th century it was the prime location for classical concerts.

In 2003, the building was moved southeastward by more than 66 meters to make space for the new elevated Yan'an Road.

"We decided to highlight all these important pages in the history of the concert hall," Tang said, before adding that the building's outline, columns and windows were highlighted with carefully designed laser projections. Studies were done ahead of the project to ensure the laser would not harm the wall or structure of the building.

The 3D mapping show was followed by the New Oriental Chinese Music Scene concert presented by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. The concert premiered in 2016 and has toured many countries in the past few years. The new edition features eight chapters that take audiences on a journey through natural elements such as water, wind and fire to modern civilization and the wishes of all human beings for a shared future, said Yao Shenshen, conductor of the concert.

The concert is accompanied by new digital visual effects created by Motion Magic. New costumes and stage settings were designed for the Shanghai Concert Hall.

The mapping projection of "A Story of Sound and Light", together with the New Oriental concert production and a multi-media exhibition about Chinese music on the fourth floor of Shanghai Concert Hall forms part of the city's new efforts to present its culture, history and architecture to tourists and locals, said Fang Jing, general manager of the Shanghai Concert Hall.

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