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Dentist observes work-life balance in her schedule

Updated: 2021-10-09 10:03 ( China Daily Global )
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Shi Xiaorui, 36, a dentist in Beijing, has found her way to balance life and work even though she needs to be on duty during the holidays as a healthcare professional in a public hospital.

"It's not a big deal for me to work on holidays as it's pretty common for my profession," she said. "I will work for four days and spend the rest of the week with my family."

She has already made many appointments with her patients during the seven-day holiday.

Having two kids aged 6 and 8, Shi is an interesting mother.

"They sometimes are curious about my job since I often stare at pictures of my patients' teeth, which might look funny to them," she said.

Shi likes asking her kids to clean the rooms together with her during the holidays, which has almost become a "tradition" in her family.

"For most of the time, they just make a mess and do not contribute much except for some laughter and happiness."

Even though doctors are usually considered as a super busy job in China, Shi tries to spare some time for herself.

"I often work late at the hospital because I want to finish what I have to do at work in the office," she said. "When I get home, I try not to look at my cell phone and be a fully devoted mother for my two kids. After I put them to bed at night, I start to work again, doing some sorting of the patients' files and researching the latest documents of the industry."

In the past years before the COVID-19 epidemic, Shi usually went to dental business forums abroad that were held usually in Europe during the late September and early October which coincided with China's National Day holiday.

In 2019, Shi came from an industrial forum held in St. Petersburg in Russia before the National Day holiday and spent the rest of the holiday writing articles about the forum and doing additional paperwork.

"Then, I took my kids to their grandparents' home for a family gathering," she added.

"Due to the epidemic, we cannot go overseas for those forums and conferences anymore. So, I will stay with my family more this time."

As National Day holiday comes, Shi would love to give some professional reminders to the public as a dentist.

"Precaution is more important than treatment for teeth problems. I often meet patients who had not taken their toothache seriously at first and gradually it became a big problem," she said. "Hope everyone gives more attention to their teeth and take care of them better."


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