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'Mid-Autumn Festival in Traditional Chinese Paintings' Art Appreciation Microclass

Updated: 2021-09-16 11:23 ( Chinaculture.org )
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The traditional Chinese art form known as national painting has unique characteristics and a strong reputation around the world. Since ancient times, a multitude of Chinese paintings have featured Mid-Autumn themes, depicting wonderful scenes of Mid-Autumn reunions, raising a toast under the full moon, and enjoying the beautiful evening together with loved ones. The paintings express people's nostalgia for their hometowns as well as their great expectations and hopes for a good harvest. While displaying representative Chinese paintings featuring the culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the project has also added animation to enhance the storytelling, restore colors and inspire the imagination of viewers. The deeper meaning beyond the pictures allows the audience to have a tangible grasp of the art of Chinese painting, as well as an immersive experience into Mid-Autumn Festival culture.




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