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Updated: 2021-08-18 11:01 ( China Daily Global )
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Different voice

Just as the old saying goes "a coin has two sides", internet fame can bring criticism, some of which go beyond borders.

US singer Madilyn Bailey with more than 8 million YouTube subscribers has her way to take on hate comments from her channel-writing them into songs to show how cruel some people can be.

Inspired by her, Yuxuan has also turned the negative reviews into a song.

Insults like "you look too old for a 14-year-old" and "don't sing again, for the sake of the listeners" are in her lyrics. The clip has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Although she felt bad about these comments at first, Yuxuan started to learn to get used to them and be more confident.

"My works being good or bad are not decided by their popularity on the internet," she says.

No matter how mean some people are online, to be seen and heard by more people has motivated Yuxuan to keep posting her singing clips.

Her song Runaway Forest may indicate her attitude facing difficulty-"You don't have to be upset/Just walk straight ahead/… I'm the one with the shining light."

Although she has a busy schedule at school and will enter senior middle school in September, Yuxuan enjoys the opportunities brought by her popularity online and the process of music production.

"I have met some great musicians and directors, who have taught me a lot," she says, adding that besides becoming busier, her life hasn't changed much.

"Studying and making music are my daily routine."

The short-form video trend has made many ordinary people, like Yuxuan, well-known. With 223 million users each month on average in the first quarter, Bilibili has 2.2 million users who have created 7.7 million videos on average per month, according to the platform's latest data.


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