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Virtual Exhibition of Cultural and Creative Products for Chinese New Year

Updated: 2021-02-02 15:54 ( Chinaculture.org )

As the Spring Festival of the year of the ox is coming, let's take this opportunity to go with the Spring Festival and live together, and tell the story of Chinese cultural relics with creativity. The " New Charm of Collections - Virtual Exhibition of Cultural and Creative Products for Chinese New Year " focuses on the Spring Festival themed cultural and creative products from more than 20 cultural and museum institutions. The national cultural and museum institutions and cultural and creative enterprises, represented by the Forbidden City, excavate the core of cultural relics creatively, integrate modern fashion ideas into them, and make them enter the public's social life in silence.

The exhibition will display 130 pieces of cultural and creative products, and will focus on six themes, namely, Farewell to the old and welcome the new, All flowers bloom together, Cultural relics activation, Smart Chinese characters, Spring Festival folk, Spring Festival couplets, to show the changes of festivals and gifts, culture and technology, innovation and exploration, so as to inject new vitality into cultural relics and give them new strength through cultural and creative products. Collection is the eternal vitality, which comes from creativity. The original intention of this exhibition is to make the cultural relics "live" again and make them a part of our social life. Let's pay our respects to the classics and celebrate the new year together.


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