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Five-day Daye Embroidery course held in Seoul

2016-05-06 16:56

A five-day Daye Embroidery experiential training course successfully concluded at China Cultural Center in Seoul, South Korea, on April 29, 2016.

EU-China Culture & Tourism Development Committee unveiled in Brussels

2016-05-06 16:40

The official launch ceremony of Europe-China "One Belt One Road" Culture & Tourism Development Committee was held at the China Cultural Center in Brussels on April 27, 2016.

Monkey stamps issued in Fiji

2016-05-06 14:40

As Chinese culture becomes popular abroad, many countries are issuing special postal stamps to celebrate the Year of the Monkey this year.

Fiji launches monkey-themed stamps to mark Chinese New Year

2016-05-05 17:22

In association with the Chinese embassy in Fiji and the China Cultural Center in Fiji, Post Fiji Limited launched its monkey-themed stamps and first day cover on May 4, marking the Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.

'Library Night' lands at Moscow China Cultural Center

2016-04-29 09:32

The cultural event "Library Night" was held at Moscow's China Cultural Center, bringing visitors a feast of Chinese paintings and books.

China's 'Youth Plus' Young Artists Promotion Project opens in Singapore

2016-04-08 14:53

China's "Youth Plus" Young Artists Promotion Project opened its first exhibition in the Chinese Cultural Center in Singapore on Thursday, bringing over 30 artworks from 11 young artists from China.

Israel to set up China Cultural Center

2016-04-07 09:31

A joint statement to set up a China Cultural Center in Israel was issued by the two parties on March 29.

Three flagship projects of China Cultural Center in Paris

2016-03-29 15:58

The China Cultural Center in Paris has developed three flagship projects since 2012 when it was established, including the Chinese Film Festival in France, Chinese Opera Festival in Paris, and Chinese Quyi Festival in Paris.

Suzhou helps to build China Cultural Center in Budapest, Hungary

2016-03-15 14:19

Ministy of Culture and Municipality of Suzhou have reached an agreement to cooperate in building the China Cultural Center in Budapest, Hungary.

'Happy Chinese New Year' gala kicks off in Mauritius

2016-02-15 15:39

A "Happy Chinese New Year" gala was held in Mauritius on Feb 8. The Ministry of Culture of China, the Chinese embassy in Mauritius, the China Cultural Center in Mauritius and the Ministry of Arts and Culture of Mauritius organized the event.

Japanese actors join Chinese New Year celebration

2016-02-06 14:21

A Peking opera and Kunqu opera cultural show was held in Tokyo to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year at the China Cultural Center on Feb 2.

Australian school kids enjoy lunar New Year celebrations

2016-02-03 17:53

China Cultural Center in Sydney has opened its doors for locals to get ready to celebrate the Year of the Monkey.

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