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Historic library in US expands Chinese garden

Updated: 2020-10-15 08:55:52

( Xinhua )

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Tourists visit the newly expanded and completed traditional Chinese garden Liu Fang Yuan at the Huntington Library in Los Angeles on Friday.[Photo/Xinhua]

All visitors must comply with mandated safety requirements, including a pre-entry symptom check, wearing face coverings, and maintaining physical distancing.

The visitors look relaxed and delighted to be out in such a beautiful setting on a perfect autumn day.

Two Pasadena locals, Elana, a ballerina, and Alex, a jazz musician, who have both performed in China, came to explore the new additions to the Chinese garden and enjoy its tranquil ambiance.

"It's very peaceful here. I grew up in LA so it's always nice to come here and just relax. It's like another world," says Alex.

"The new parts of the garden-especially the scholar's studio and the penjing bonsai garden are really beautiful and unique," adds Elana.

To Rachel and Christopher, another local couple on a photo safari in the garden, the Chinese garden has special significance.

They say that they first met in the Chinese garden in 2018 and split a Huntington membership so they could get to know each other while exploring the garden's romantic vistas. The couple are now married.

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