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Notice issued to strengthen stolen relic detection

Updated: 2018-05-10 15:47:13

( Chinaculture.org )

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A notice requiring the improvement of inspections on stolen cultural relics' entry and exit was recently issued.

The measure was taken by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage to meet the challenges created by the current relics trading market.

China has seen frequent theft and excavation of cultural relics in recent years, with attempts to smuggle the stolen relics out of the country before applying for temporary entry.

Risks have also increased due to growing international cultural exchanges, which attract more foreign registration.

The Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage jointly issued the "China Stolen (Lost) Cultural Relics Information Release Platform" in November 2017.

In March this year, a "Foreign Cultural Relics Database" was rolled out by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, providing information helping in the detection of stolen cultural relics during the entry and exit process.

According to the requirements, each examination and management office should strictly implement the registration inspection procedures to meet relevant requirements.

Audit staff should pay attention to the dynamic updated information on the platform and the database to improve identification of stolen relics.

Once stolen cultural relics are spotted, they should be promptly reported to public security, customs and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

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