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$36 million chicken cup meets the public

Updated: 2014-12-19 13:53:48

( Chinaculture.org )

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The chenghua doucai chicken cup is on display at the Long Museum West Bund in Shanghai. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

The exhibition will mark the second anniversary since the founding of the Long Museum.

It is said that Liu has spent more than 4 million yuan (about $642,550) to construct the exhibition site. The overall facade of the museum has been transformed to a gate tower resembling the Forbidden City and visitors will go through a red lacquer "palace gate" before entering into the exhibition hall.

Except for the eye-catching cup, paintings and calligraphy, many precious materials from the Chenghua period are on display. Staff are on hand to explain to visitors how the chicken cup was made.

The chenghua doucai chicken cup was bought by Liu Yiqian at a Sotheby's auction in April at a record price of $36 million. He sipped tea out of the cup when he went to Hong Kong to take back the porcelain cup, stirring much talk among netizens in July. 

The chicken cup was then stored in a bonded warehouse in Shanghai after being transferred from Hong Kong, and this time it was borrowed from the warehouse for the exhibition. Usually, the warehouse allows objects to be borrowed for six months, but Liu said two months are enough.

At the same time, during the exhibition, the Long Museum ordered 10,000 replicas of the chicken cup, with each to be sold for 288 yuan. Liu said that he wants other people to enjoy the cup as well.

According to Beijing News, another priceless artwork, an embroidered Thangka purchased by Liu this year, will be exhibited in 2016.


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