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(Changli Ground Yangge, Guzi Yangge, Jiaozhou Yangge, Haiyang Dayangge, yangge in Northern Shaanxi, Fushun Ground Yangge)


Sort:Folk Dance

Area:Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong andShaanxi provinces

Serial No.:Ⅲ-2

Yangge is a representative collective folk dance that combines music, dance and feats, with a long history and diversified forms, each distinguished by different manipulations of the silk handkerchiefs and different movements of the feet. The main kinds include silt yangge and ground yangge.

Yangge originated from rice planting and farming, and is popular throughout China's countryside. Also, it has some connection with ancient eulogy songs sung in sacrifices to the God of the Farm. During its development, it incorporated much from farming songs, folk songs, folk wushu (martial arts),acrobaticsand traditional operas. By theQing Dynasty(1644-1911), yangge had spread across the country.

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