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Tsinghua exhibition explores intersection of art, design, science, and technology

Updated: 2024-05-27 11:53 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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An exhibition featuring works of postgraduates from Tsinghua University's Academy of Arts and Design is running through June 6 at the academy's building and Tsinghua University Art Museum. [Photo provided ot China Daily]

Ma Sai, the dean of the academy, emphasizes that these works not only showcase the unique perspectives of the younger generation of artists and designers but also underscore their commitment to addressing societal needs through their creative endeavors. He notes the incorporation of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies into the curriculum, equipping students with the foresight needed to navigate the evolving landscape of their respective fields.

The exhibition serves as a platform for students to demonstrate their creativity, social awareness, and adaptability to emerging trends in the digital age. It reflects the academy's dedication to preparing students for the future by fostering a deep understanding of the intersection between art, design, science, and technology.

Following this showcase, an exhibition featuring the graduate works of the academy is set to open at the same venues on June 14, further highlighting the innovative and forward-thinking approach of Tsinghua University's Academy of Arts and Design.

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