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With ease and grace, artist seeks a new state of painting

Updated: 2024-01-22 11:39 ( chinadaily.com.cn )
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Wang Xiyao's ongoing exhibition shows a pursuit of ease, grace, without any bounds, in art. [Photo provided to China Daily]

What chemistry would be created between contemporary art and guqin, the Chinese zither of over 3,000 years old? One can find that unique feeling at Wang Xiyao's solo exhibition, Liang Xiao Yin, now on at Tang Contemporary Art's Beijing first space and curated by Larys Frogier.

The variety of tones and irregular rhythms of guqin deliver a serene and celestial atmosphere which brings its player and listeners to a spiritual state higher and distant. Playing guqin used to be an approach by elite scholars in ancient times to enrich life, cultivate character, learn the rules of the world, and connect with the cosmo. Today it is still being played by people as a way to calm and sooth themselves.

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